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Easy finding loads, ( Pick-up’s & Delivery/CF). Search loads module can be setup according to your needs ( states, size, date or radius around zip code). Companies rating system. Pick-up notes and Direct Chat inside the system with file attachment options help you be online every time. Real time map with tracks over the USA with requests to companies. Free CRM* system for Foreman/Driver.We help drivers find loads, planing delivery and use all open space inside truck or trailer. Planing your trip with us.


MovingBoardsUSA is the best app for drivers in the transportation industry, offering a range of features that cater to their specific needs. Here’s why MovingBoardsUSA is the ultimate choice for drivers:

Easy Finding Loads: MovingBoardsUSA simplifies the load-finding process for drivers. With its intuitive interface, drivers can easily search and discover available loads for both pickups and deliveries. The system allows you to customize the search module based on your preferences, such as specific states, load sizes, dates, or even a radius around your zip code.

Companies Rating System: The app provides a comprehensive rating system for companies, allowing drivers to make informed decisions when selecting jobs. By reviewing the ratings and feedback from other drivers, you can choose reputable companies with a track record of professionalism and reliability.

Pick-up Notes and Direct Chat: MovingBoardsUSA enables seamless communication between drivers and shippers/brokers through the direct chat feature. You can exchange pick-up notes, negotiate terms, and address any concerns directly within the system. The option to attach files ensures smooth and efficient communication, keeping you connected and informed.

Real-Time Map and Tracks: The app offers a real-time map with tracks across the USA, providing visibility and insights into current job requests from companies. This feature helps drivers plan their routes strategically, optimizing their trips and maximizing the use of available space inside their trucks or trailers.

Free CRM System: MovingBoardsUSA includes a free CRM system designed specifically for foremen and drivers. This system streamlines load management, delivery planning, and provides a centralized platform to keep track of job details, customer information, and other important data.

In summary, MovingBoardsUSA is the best app for drivers as it offers easy load finding, a comprehensive rating system, direct chat functionality, real-time map tracking, and a free CRM system. By utilizing these features, drivers can efficiently find loads, plan deliveries, utilize available space effectively, and optimize their trips. Plan your journey with MovingBoardsUSA and experience a seamless and successful transportation experience.


Market Consultation

MovingBoardsUSA offers drivers access to a vast pool of job opportunities from both shippers and brokers. This extensive network enables drivers to select jobs that align with their preferences, availability, and equipment. With a wide range of options, drivers can optimize their schedules and maximize their earning potential.

Streamlined Job Management

The app’s user-friendly interface, specifically the “My Jobs” section, empowers drivers to efficiently manage their jobs. They can easily track essential details such as pickup and delivery dates, job statuses, and customer information. This streamlined approach ensures organized workflows, reduces administrative burdens, and enables drivers to focus on their core responsibilities.

Transparent Communication and Feedback

MovingBoardsUSA facilitates direct communication between drivers, shippers, and brokers through integrated messaging systems. This transparent communication channel allows drivers to clarify job requirements, negotiate terms, and address any concerns promptly. Additionally, drivers can provide feedback and ratings, promoting transparency and fostering trust within the platform.

Easy Finding Loads

MovingBoardsUSA provides drivers with an intuitive load-finding feature. Drivers can easily search and discover available loads for pickups and deliveries based on their preferences, including states, load sizes, dates, or radius around their zip code. This feature simplifies load selection and optimizes job opportunities.

Transparent Communication and Feedback

The app's direct chat functionality allows drivers to communicate directly with shippers and brokers. Drivers can exchange pick-up notes, negotiate terms, and address any concerns, fostering clear and timely communication. Additionally, the app's rating system enables drivers to review feedback and ratings for companies, making informed decisions when selecting jobs.

Real-Time Map and Tracks

MovingBoardsUSA offers a real-time map with tracks across the USA, allowing drivers to track job progress and monitor requests from companies. This visibility enhances operational efficiency, helps drivers plan their routes strategically, and maximizes the utilization of available space within their trucks or trailers.

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