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Easy post jobs from Granot Back Board (bulk job import) or manually. One click selection LMP(Last Minute Pickup) or regular job(Booking) for posting at our load board. Request job in our system in 1 click with setup for new companies. Easy sign your company with new companies, check all company documents in 1 click. Multiusers access for brokers. Real time calendar for your pickup jobs(with confirmation and pickup time) with filter according to company. All paperwork after pickups automatically attached to your job. Companies Verification (no more companies with U-haul truck and bad reputation). Chat between Broker and Movers inside system with file attachment options. Companies rating system. Real time map with tracks over the USA with request to companies. Paperwork managing system for Moving Company Dispatch. Free CRM* system for Moving companies. Electronic signature for BOL with auto fill and more…

MovingBoardsUSA is the best app for brokers in the transportation industry, offering a range of features that cater to their specific needs. Here’s why MovingBoardsUSA is the ultimate choice for brokers:

Effortless Job Posting: Brokers can easily post jobs using the app’s convenient features, including the option to import bulk jobs from the Granot Back Board or manually enter job details. This streamlined process saves time and ensures that job postings are quick and efficient.

Flexible Job Selection: The app allows brokers to choose between Last Minute Pickup (LMP) or regular booking options with just one click. This flexibility enables brokers to cater to different client requirements and find the most suitable carriers for their jobs.

Simplified Company Setup: Brokers can request jobs from new companies with ease. The system allows for a simple one-click setup process, ensuring smooth onboarding and enabling brokers to engage with new companies promptly.

Efficient Company Document Management: MovingBoardsUSA simplifies the process of verifying and checking company documents. Brokers can easily review all necessary company documents with a single click, ensuring compliance and promoting secure partnerships.

Multiuser Access: The app offers multiuser access for brokers, allowing team members to collaborate seamlessly and manage job-related tasks efficiently. This feature enhances communication, coordination, and workflow within broker companies.

Real-Time Calendar for Pickup Jobs: Brokers can utilize the real-time calendar feature to manage their pickup jobs effectively. The calendar displays confirmed pickup times, enabling brokers to plan and schedule jobs accurately. The calendar can also be filtered based on the assigned company, providing easy access to essential information.

Automated Paperwork Management: MovingBoardsUSA automatically attaches all necessary paperwork, such as bills of lading, to each job. This automated process saves time, eliminates paperwork errors, and ensures that all important documents are easily accessible.

Companies Verification: The app includes a Companies Verification feature, which helps brokers avoid working with companies that have U-Haul trucks or a negative reputation. This verification process enhances trust and ensures brokers engage with reliable and reputable service providers.

Integrated Chat and Rating Systems: MovingBoardsUSA offers a chat function within the system, enabling seamless communication between brokers and movers. Additionally, the app includes a rating system that allows brokers to provide feedback and ratings for companies, promoting transparency and accountability.

Real-Time Map with Tracks: Brokers can utilize the real-time map feature to track job progress and monitor requests from companies. This visibility enhances operational efficiency and enables brokers to make informed decisions.

Paperwork Management and Free CRM System: MovingBoardsUSA provides a comprehensive paperwork management system for moving company dispatch, streamlining administrative tasks. Additionally, the app offers a free CRM system designed specifically for moving companies, enhancing customer relationship management.

Electronic Signature for BOL: The app features an electronic signature capability for the Bill of Lading (BOL), simplifying the document signing process. The auto-fill feature further expedites paperwork completion, saving time and reducing errors.

In summary, MovingBoardsUSA is the best app for brokers as it offers effortless job posting, flexible job selection, simplified company setup, efficient document management, multiuser access, a real-time calendar, automated paperwork management, companies verification, integrated chat and rating systems, a real-time map, paperwork management, a free CRM system, and electronic signature capabilities. By leveraging these features, brokers can enhance their operations, streamline processes, and build strong relationships within the transportation industry. Choose MovingBoardsUSA for a comprehensive and efficient brokerage experience.

Extensive Job Opportunities

MovingBoardsUSA provides drivers with access to a wide range of job opportunities from shippers and brokers. With a vast network of potential clients, drivers can find and choose the jobs that best align with their preferences, availability, and equipment. This extensive pool of job opportunities enhances drivers’ earning potential and allows them to select jobs that suit their specific needs.

Efficient Job Management

MovingBoardsUSA is designed with user-friendly features that make job management a breeze for drivers. The “My Jobs” section offers a comprehensive overview of current and upcoming jobs, allowing drivers to easily track important details such as pickup and delivery dates, job statuses, and customer information. With this streamlined job management system, drivers can stay organized, plan their schedules effectively, and ensure smooth job execution.

Transparent Communication and Feedback

MovingBoardsUSA promotes transparent communication between drivers, shippers, and brokers. The app provides integrated messaging systems that enable drivers to communicate directly with their clients. This direct line of communication facilitates clear and timely exchanges, ensuring that all parties are on the same page regarding job requirements, expectations, and any necessary updates. Additionally, drivers can provide feedback and ratings, promoting accountability and fostering trust within the platform.

Effortless Job Posting

MovingBoardsUSA offers a user-friendly interface that allows brokers to easily post jobs. Whether it's importing bulk jobs or manually entering job details, the app streamlines the process, saving time and ensuring quick and efficient job postings.

Real-Time Calendar for Pickup Jobs:

The app provides brokers with a real-time calendar specifically designed for managing pickup jobs. With confirmed pickup times displayed, brokers can effectively plan and schedule jobs, ensuring smooth operations. The calendar's filtering options based on assigned companies further enhance accessibility and organization.

Integrated Chat and Rating Systems

MovingBoardsUSA offers an integrated chat feature within the system, enabling seamless communication between brokers and movers. This feature promotes efficient collaboration, enabling brokers to address concerns, negotiate terms, and exchange important information. Additionally, the app's rating system allows brokers to provide feedback and ratings for companies, fostering transparency and accountability within the platform.

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