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Moving Companies request jobs directly in our system in 1 click from Brokers. For new Companies in business, Brokers can send 409 Carrier Agreement for setup with him before sending him a job. Easy signing 409 Carrier Agreement with new companies, who ask jobs, check all company documents in 1 click. Multiusers access for broker companies. Integrated CRM with Calendar where you have a Real time pickups calendar (with confirmation and pickup or delivery time) with a filter according to company. No more calls, Brokers can easily check the date and time for pickup or delivery for any assigned jobs according to the Company. All paperworks after pickup or delivery automatically attached to your job by the foreman. You will love our new feature – Companies Verification (no more companies with not active DOT or U-haul truck ).

MovingBoardsUSA is the best app for carriers in the transportation industry, providing a range of features tailored to their specific needs. Here’s why MovingBoardsUSA is the ultimate choice for carriers:

Effortless Job Requests: Moving companies can easily request jobs directly through our system with just one click from brokers. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual communication and simplifies the job request process, saving time and effort for carriers.

Seamless 409 Carrier Agreement Setup: For new companies entering the business, brokers can send a 409 Carrier Agreement for setup before assigning them jobs. This ensures that carriers have a proper agreement in place before engaging in any job-related activities, promoting transparency and compliance.

Efficient Document Management: MovingBoardsUSA makes signing the 409 Carrier Agreement a breeze for new companies. Carriers can easily review and sign the agreement, while brokers can conveniently check all company documents with a single click. This efficient document management process eliminates the need for manual paperwork and simplifies the verification process.

Multiuser Access for Broker Companies: MovingBoardsUSA offers multiuser access for broker companies, allowing different team members to collaborate and manage job-related tasks efficiently. This feature enhances communication, coordination, and workflow within broker companies, promoting seamless operations.

Integrated CRM with Real-Time Pickups Calendar: The app includes an integrated CRM with a real-time pickups calendar. Carriers can view a calendar displaying confirmed pickup and delivery times, allowing for easy scheduling and planning. The calendar can be filtered according to the assigned company, ensuring that carriers can quickly access job-related information without the need for phone calls or manual coordination.

Automated Paperwork Management: MovingBoardsUSA automatically attaches all necessary paperwork, such as bills of lading and delivery receipts, to each job. This automated process saves time and ensures that all essential documents are organized and easily accessible.

Companies Verification: MovingBoardsUSA introduces a powerful feature called Companies Verification, which helps eliminate inactive or non-compliant companies. Carriers can verify the DOT or U-Haul truck status of companies, ensuring that they engage with reputable and active service providers.

In summary, MovingBoardsUSA is the best app for carriers as it offers effortless job requests, streamlined 409 Carrier Agreement setup, efficient document management, multiuser access for broker companies, integrated CRM with a real-time pickups calendar, automated paperwork management, and companies verification. By leveraging these features, carriers can enhance their operations, improve efficiency, and collaborate seamlessly with brokers for successful job execution. Experience the benefits of MovingBoardsUSA and revolutionize your carrier operations.

Extensive Network and Increased Job Opportunities

MovingBoardsUSA provides carriers with access to a vast network of shippers and brokers. By joining the platform, carriers can expand their customer base and connect with a wide range of potential clients seeking reliable transportation services. The app’s extensive network increases the chances of securing more jobs and enables carriers to establish valuable connections within the industry.

Efficient Job Management and Load Matching

MovingBoardsUSA simplifies job management for carriers, allowing them to efficiently track and manage their jobs through the app’s intuitive interface. The “My Jobs” section provides a comprehensive overview of current and past jobs, including crucial details such as pickup and delivery dates, customer information, and job statuses. The “Loads” section enables carriers to find available loads that match their equipment, capacity, and preferred routes, optimizing their operations and maximizing their revenue potential.

Transparent Billing and Payment System

MovingBoardsUSA ensures transparent billing and prompt payment for carriers. The app’s dedicated “Billing” section provides carriers with an overview of their account balance, invoices, and payment history. This transparency enables carriers to easily track their earnings and manage their finances effectively. With MovingBoardsUSA, carriers can focus on their core business operations, knowing that the billing and payment processes are streamlined and reliable.

Effortless Job Requests

MovingBoardsUSA simplifies the process of requesting jobs for carriers. With just one click, carriers can submit job requests directly through the app's system, eliminating the need for manual communication and streamlining the job request process.

Automated Paperwork Management

The app automatically attaches all necessary paperwork, such as bills of lading, to each job, saving time and reducing paperwork errors. Carriers can easily access and manage important documents related to their jobs, ensuring smooth operations and compliance.

Companies Verification

MovingBoardsUSA introduces a Companies Verification feature that helps carriers avoid working with unreliable or non-compliant companies. Carriers can verify the DOT or U-Haul truck status of companies, ensuring they engage with reputable and active service providers, promoting trust and reliability.

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